All That Dance offers Competitive Classes and Non-Competitive Classes
Beginning to Advanced – For ages 18 months to Adult

Tap allows a dancer to use the body as a rhythm instrument. Rhythm tap is a smooth, intricate style that begins at the feet and moves through the body. The name comes from the tapping sound made when the small metal plates, or “taps”, on the dancer’s shoes, touch a hard floor. This lively, rhythmic tapping makes the performer not just a dancer, but also a percussive musician.

Jazz is enjoyed by all in its contemporary form with the emphasis on technique, rhythm and style. Jazz classes incorporate isolations, bending and stretching with dance combinations of turns, kicks, leaps, and jumps. A very active dance form, jazz dance involves a full range of body movement.

Ballet is the foundation of all dance. Depending on the level of the dancer, Ballet involves barre work, center exercises and moving combinations. Students will focus on technique, flexibility, strength and body placement, while emphasizing musicality. Disciplined and precise, ballet focuses on the dancers turnout and center body placement. It develops strength, stamina, coordination and grace. Combining proper alignment and body placement, seamless transitions through standard arm, leg and feet positions, and astute sense of timing, it trains dancers to be clean, versatile performers.

Lyrical dance is the fusion of ballet and jazz technique. Expression from the inner emotion is a primary factor in choreographing, dancing, and interpreting this art form. A key element in a lyrical piece is seeing the movements done in a flowing or continuous pattern, instead of set counts. Lyrical dance interprets music or words, showing the emotion of the particular piece. The lines are traditional in nature with a ballet technique base that determines the correct placement of the body angles.

The most advanced form of Ballet. Dancing en pointe is the action of rising to ‘tips of the toes while performing steps from ballet technique. Also known as pointe work, it is performed using hard toed pointe shoes. Dancing on pointe requires strength and skill, so prior permission from instructor is required before students begin taking pointe classes.

Contemporary Dance is strongly rooted in the fundamentals of modern dance. The contemporary style places a heavy emphasis on the connection between mind and body, with dancers being encouraged to explore their emotions through dances that push against traditional boundaries. This style of dance often involves a great deal of balance, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation. This style doesn’t have fixed or established movement patterns, but it is rather in a continuous search for new forms and dynamics. Defining this style of dance can be difficult, as it is an extremely fluid and very nebulous style of dance. Contemporary is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of dance.

Hip Hop
A structured form of street dance and funk. This energetic and popular dance style involves the whole body, and is all about self expression – It’s vibrant and right on the beat. Hip Hop is much more accessible than other dance forms, it’s less about technique and more about pure explosive movement. The classes develop strength, coordination and agility. Aerobic endurance is a strong component of this style, making it appropriate and fun for all ages. Hip Hop is a mix that keeps the dancer improving quickly and thinking on his/her feet. ALL ATD’s Hip Hop classes use music, choreography and costuming that is current, tasteful and age appropriate. ATD offers Hip hop classes for ages 3 to adult – beginning to advanced.

Using jazz technique as a foundation, ATD’s Pom classes place the emphasis on visual effect and synchronization. Using pom-pons, classes combine high energy jazz moves, with concentration on complete and correct execution of motions and blockings. All classes include a warm up and stretching session, turn, leap and jump techniques and fun Pom routines. ATD offers Pom classes for ages 3 to adult – beginning to advanced. ATD also offers private and group instruction in the spring for those wishing to audition for Pom Squads.

Hawaiian and Tahitian
Hawaiian dance is one of the oldest and most beautiful of all dance art forms. All That Dance has offered Hawaiian classes for more than 25 years and it has become a favorite among young and old alike. Students in ATD’s Hawaiian classes are introduced to the various dances and culture of the Pacific Isles with emphasis on the basics in Hawaiian Hula. It is an ultimate activity for developing fitness, grace, timing and self esteem, which makes Hawaiian/Tahitian classes perfect for children and adults of all ages. ATD’s choreography adapts to contemporary styles, while holding onto traditions of the past. ATD offers Hawaiian classes for ages 4 years through adult, including a special “Moms and Daughters” Hawaiian Dance which begins each year in February.

Creative Movement
These classes for 3-5 year olds, are fun and make learning dance a truly creative experience. The class benefits the child’s coordination, musicality, and expressiveness. ATD’s Creative Movement classes are structured, yet allows for learning to love the art of dance. Students learn stretching exercises, basic ballet positions of the arms and feet, terminology, across the floor and center floor activities all geared towards the 3- 5 year old. The class moves at a quick pace to maintain interest, focus and fun!

Baby Steps
All That Dance is very proud of our Baby Steps Class. Baby Steps is a concept developed by ATD Director, Deborah Shephard in 2002. It is the original – and offered exclusively at All That Dance Studio. This class is for children 18 months to 2 years of age. It is a program developed to help younger children begin to enjoy the benefits of a fitness program at an early age. The class promotes the development of a child’s motor, cognitive and coordination skills, as well as assists in the development of social interaction. This fun filled class uses music, implements, mat work and the introduction of basic dance movement to teach rhythm skills. It is a great class to prepare for our Creative Movement Classes for 3-5 year olds. The instructors enjoy the class as much as the children! We are very happy to offer this precious, fun class and encourage the participation of both boys and girls.

Adult Classes
Anxious to learn to dance, or ready to pick up where you left off when you were a teenager? Calling ALL Ladies and Gents… Do something FUN for yourself! Exercise, meet new friends, and laugh! These are only some of the reasons you should enroll in our Adult Dance Program. We offer Adult Classes in Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop with performance opportunities, too! Adults of ALL ages….grab some comfy shoes and join us!

Wedding Choreography
Getting Married? Having An Anniversary?
Our professional staff offers you and your partner private instruction, designed to please. We can make YOUR special day even more romantic and memorable. Our experienced staff is ready to help the bride and groom, parents of the bride and groom, or members of the bridal party prepare for their special day. We welcome you to learn more about our packages. Call us to explore the possibilities!